We have many years of experience in the field of saffron cultivation, growing and harvesting. We can prepare the best and highest quality saffron with unique fragrance, along with the most stylish and fashionable packaging, health certificate and standard analysis sheet from the guaranteed reputable laboratory. Premium Quality of Iranian Saffron with No intermediaries will be delivered to customers worldwide in the shortest possible time to your destination country.

The competitive advantage of our saffron is high levels of Crocin (Color), Picocrocin (flavor) and Safranal (Aroma) due to the effect of altitude of Binabaj mountainous region with over (1800m) above sea levels.  The positive effect of the region altitude on Crocin (Color) content has been proven by German and French companies already expressed interest to invest in saffron farming in this untouched region following the saffron tours arranged by European delegations to find the highest quality of Persian Saffron in Qaenat region during their exploratory visits in recent years.

Also we use high quality saffron bulbs to produce stigmas with the necessary quality that will give up to 5 flowers, Good water irrigation and Use of animal fertilizers plus sufficient manpower to harvest at the right time before 8 am. These agronomic and environmental factors affect our saffron’s quality providing the unique color and flavor in comparison to mixed saffron that are sold in global markets.

It is our pleasure to cooperate with interested Importers, Exporters, Marketers, Wholesalers and Restaurant owners to supply the Best Iranian saffron.

Our Packaging sizes are available at 250g | 500g | 1000g.

Also our saffron prices are so competitive. We assure you that you would be in great pleasure with the results.