Quality of Persian Saffron

Persian Saffron has a history nearly long as the existence of saffron crocus itself and Iran’s crowned as the biggest producer of the highest-quality saffron in the world. As the most expensive spice in the world, saffron is mainly cultivated in Iran, Spain, Afghanistan and Greece. It’s worth to know that Iran holds the first place in production, quality and annual export share in the world. Different types of saffron have been identified through time meanwhile used as an herbal cure and remedy for more than 90 kinds of diseases for the past 4 millennia. In the second place, nowadays it is mostly popular for its exotic aroma, bitter yet pleasant taste and golden color as a spice.

What is I.S.O. 3632?

The International Organization for Standardization abbreviated to I.S.O. is a federation of national standards bodies. I.S.O. 3632 which is responsible for saffron grading sets some standards that are exclusively for saffron. According to I.S.O. 3632, there are 3 categories; I as the highest quality saffron, II and III as the lowest quality saffron. Yet there are two other categories which are the least favorable, Category Iv and V since they have some amount of style and yellowish parts. The technicians assign the categories by gauging the samples’ crocin and picrocrocin content. It’s a little different about safranal for it’s not a threshold level for the categories. At the end of the quality test, the samples must give a reading of 20–50 for all categories.