We are honoured to bring you the scent of ancient Persia, the glorious fillaments of oracle endowed in infinite generosity of land of Iran. Playing on strings of your soul, it will take you on a journey to history, to resplendency, to pride and to enchantment.

Persian saffron has been aged along with human civilization.  It is an honour for our group to be the most dedicated provider of Red Gold in the region. We do not sell saffron, we sell our effort. Saffron is too precious to be price labelled. We make an effort to be the best and to be the first. Our reputation is the guarantee to earn your trust.

Saffron is a spice extracted from Crocus sativus flower. After reaching to the final measurement of 8-12 inches, the filaments which are called stigma and styles-harvested and dried to form end product saffron. Although the premium saffron is obtained from stigmas, but the other parts of the flower are also used to produce different types of saffron. Various components in saffron are responsible for its color and aroma including picrocrocin, safranal and crocin pigment.

Persian saffron solely grows best on a mildly sloped field, fully exposed to sunlight. After planting the corms mostly in June, the stem, leaves and root develop between October and February.